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Services Offered

SCMP Services 1 personalized care
Personalized care for every patient.
SCMP Services 2 plan of care
A plan of care developed with you and your prescriber.
SCMP Services 3 free delivery
Free delivery to your preferred location.
SCMP Services 4 confidential packaging
Confidential packaging.
SCMP Services 5 questions
Case management services to answer questions and assist.
SCMP Services 6 support
Support with Medicaid issues.
SCMP Services 7 team call
An immediate answer by a team member when you call.
SCMP Services 8 refill reminder
Refill reminder calls/text messages.
SCMP Services 9 language translation services
Language Translation Services and TDD/TYY Capable.
SCMP Services 10 DME
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) assistance.

What You Can Expect


Annual Follow-up

A case manager will reach out to you at least once a year to review your needs and update your plan of care.


Your case manager will go over services that you may be eligible for that could provide help to you or your family. Referrals are your choice. The case manager will work with you to make a plan of care for referrals and follow-ups.

Below are some things we can help you with:

  • Housing
  • Food Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Physical Health
  • Medical, Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Income Support
  • Utilities
  • Employment
  • Social Services
  • Other essential health and human services

As Needed

We understand that needs can change. Sentara Case Management Pharmacy gives you access to a case manager as needs come up.

You can reach out to a case manager by calling 1-877-349-5242 (TTY: 711).

Durable Medical Equipment

You should ask your healthcare provider to send the prescription for your DME to your health plan DME provider.

The DME provider will email your DME
prescription to your health plan.

If your health plan has questions, they will reach out to the DME provider, and once approved, your DME will be delivered to your home.

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